Dirt Bike accident, 2 years post surgery

Hi! I’m 41 and had a successful decompression surgery with duroplasty 2-years ago. I was riding a dirt bike yesterday early evening with a helmet on. I crashed pretty hard but didn’t think anything about my head or the surgery. My neck (especially), shoulders and back are getting increasingly stiff. Is this an ER type situation or should I wait it out to see if it’s just normal stiffness due to the accident.

Hello AnneH, sorry to hear you have taken a tumble from your dirt bike and I hope you're feeling less sore as soon as possible.

With regard to needing medical treatment, I'm sorry but no-one here is able to assess this. If you are concerned or have any questions about your health please consult with a suitably qualified medical professional. Please do not take any chances.

Let us know you're ok. Kindest, Jules

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