Difficulty Marching

I’m in marching band, and marched my first game on Friday. I have been missing rehearsals/sitting out for some of them because I had my surgery in April and I am still recovering. I know my movements, I know where to go. I had to the pretty much the same last year, since I dislocated my knee last year, and I still managed the entire season.

But this game, I struggled a lot, because the cerebellum affects my muscle memory, and I just recently had surgery not to long ago. I did great considering that, during the marching. I hit my spots the best I could, and so on so fourth. But, after the game, two girls in my trombone section were basically telling me that I shouldn’t have even been there since I haven’t been as attended to rehearsals. They are aware of my surgery, and them saying that really hurt. I feel like crying right now but I won’t. My section leader said I did fine, and things like that. But, them saying that really made me cry and get sad because I know I could’ve done better, it wasn’t my choice.

It is simply just something they can’t understand. My movements were slightly delayed, and my body wouldn’t move despite me knowing where I needed to go, but I always ended up where I was supposed to. My brain just doesn’t work as easy as it used to. So that’s all I am upset about right now. I don’t really know what to do about it, but stay motivated and positive like I have been trying to do. Maybe I should try to explain my condition more to some people in my section, but I am not so sure? But that’s how life is going for me right now.


Hey Sublime,
To tell them or Not?? that really can be a catch 22 scenario. Some individuals can be accepting, where others can try and use it as ammunition against you. I had a similar situation with a boss from a former job. Initially, all very accepting and understanding, but then slowly she started making comments. I’d walk into a room full of conversation, then suddenly, silence. I knew the conversation was about me. She was slowly but surely undermining me. Now, here there are laws regarding the dismissal of staff due to health issues, there’s a whole process employers have to go through before dismissing staff due to a health issue. They can’t just sack you on health grounds. So the boss tried every which way to push me out, hoping I’d resign. I didn’t. She tried to say I couldn’t do my job, then that I was being obstructive. I was in an awful situation as it sounds like you are now. Eventually I left (with a large payout due to her behaviour) but that’s a whole other story.

Personally I’d be suggesting you need to examine the situation for yourself, that can be real difficult and a little confronting at times. But if your section leader is understanding of the situation, then do others opinions count? You have to feel comfortable within yourself and if you’re OK, your leader’s OK, then others don’t matter IMO.

Merl from the Moderator Support Team

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thanks merl. I agree, their opinion doesn’t really matter i suppose. As long as I know I am doing my best, then thats all that counts lol. Thanks.