Decompression surgery

Hi Everyone,

Here's a question for all of those who have had surgery. What type did you have? I had the suboccipital decompression which is less evasive and I am wondering what type others have had and why? Did you get a second opinion before you had your surgery? I did and the first neurosurgeon wanted to do a much more invasive surgery that took out a huge piece of skull and that really scared me so I waited for over a year before I went to see someone else and that was only because my vision started getting blurry. So please share with me your type of surgery and why you decided to go for it. Thanks, Jennifer (aka snurbette)

Hi Jennifer,

I had the suboccipital Decomp. as well as duraplasty ...and C1 Lamenectomy. I did go to Boston to get a 2nd opinion and the NS there said the same as my NS in RI..thats where I was living at the time.

I wasn't given any other types of surgeries other than not opening the dura...which both NS said was the main goal of the make more room...thus, open the dura...I know some NS don't do that..don't know why...

How are you feeling????




I had the posterior fossa decompression with laminectomy of C1 & C2. My surgeon did not use any foreign or artificial pieces in my head. He took out a piece of skull and then pulled the muscles back together and stitched them up. My incision is about 6 inches long and I had about 20 staples in it. I was hospitalized for 5 days. I decided to have the surgery because I didn't realize that I even had choices. My surgeon told me that with a 25mm herniation I would probably not want to wait because of the threat of paralysis. I scheduled the surgery right away and had it about 6 weeks after being diagnosed.


Hey, thanks for the replies. Sounds like we pretty much had the same thing done. I was just curious because the first NS I saw was talking about some big huge surgery where they cut a huge part of your skull out and replace it with a titanium plate. And my mom wanted to know how many people had a second opinion.