Decompression surgery was on july 8

My hospital stay was so-so.The day of the surgery I went in an registered alone due to the fact that my husband must've gotten scared the day before because he asked to work on the day I was supposed to have surgery even though his job had given him time off. Well I checked in at 5:30am and went through the registering process. My grandmother had my children waiting until daycare opened so she could be with me. Once I passed registration they took me into a room behind a curtain. They asked me to undress and wipe my body down with some warm sticky pads. Then I laid down on the hospital bed. They put IV's in my arms and made me take all my jewelry off. The hospital staff was amazing. The nurses and doctors were very friendly and did everything to calm me down. My grandmother showed up right before they rolled me out of the room. They rolled me into the OR where I was introduced to all the staff and answered all my questions that I had. They put something into my IV and put a mask on my face. I remember waking up to my daddy and grandma standing by my side saying it was over. Yes the pain was immense but the medicine they put into my IV's every hour help dull the pain. I was in recovery all night because thru ICU had no empty rooms. My husband and grandma could not visit me and I began to panic. I was in a big empty room full of empty beds and was not allowed to see me family. The nurse did her best to keep me company and calm. I remember one point waking up in the middle of the night in immense pain and mot knowing where I was and crying yo the nurse begging to let me see my husband. Once I had calmed down I could see him for about five minutes. The next morning on July 9 I was moved to a room in ICU which was wonderful. My family could visit.I had to switch to pill medication instead of IV drip because they claimed I could eat. My diet consisted of applesauce and ice water. Pain level was 10 one I began taking that medicine. Took too long to work and I couldn't eat due to being nauseous. They released me on Saturday and I was so sad because they really took care of me. Home life sucks. Constant pain unless I'm knocked out on meds. They messed up my meds Had me on blood pressure medicine but my blood pressure has always been perfect which lowered my blood pressure too low which slowed down the blood in my brain and made me pass out where my son found me. It has been a week and 5 days since surgery. I'm hurting. The scar terrified me when I finally saw it. I go tomorrow to get my sutures out.

Hey :)

Read your post and wanted to offer my situation. I am 1 year post op this july 31, and I am doing better. I will not lie, the first month after surgery was HELL and i became addicted to hydrocodon. Once 90 days post op hit, they cut off my hydrocodon and that was even worse! I went through about a month of withdrawals and thankfully was able to get past my dependence. Long story short, because i have seen so many doctors my head is spinning.... I still have symptoms and it appears that I suffered permanent nerve damage from chiari and they are trying to find meds that can help control my symptoms

I am writing you because if you fall under the same scenario as me and still have symptoms after 60 days of surgery, I am sure that you will be confused and pissed, like i was. I was in some dark places last times the pain was so bad that i thought about checking out (I am not proud to admit that, but it is what i lived through)

We have been dealt a horrible condition that most people cannot comprehend or understand, including loved ones. We appear normal as we struggle through another day, but yet inside our bodies aches and life is really hard

My current condition is this: I have gone walking every day since feb 16th :) I made a vow to overcome this condition, and while walking is is huge for me because I will not let this condition take more away from me. Also, for the past 2 months I have been on my elliptical 5 times a week and lost some weight.

I think the one thing you need to keep in mind is that this is a BATTLE!! It is not something that will just go away (although, I pray that you are one of the lucky ones i have heard about...........I have heard that 6 months post op that some people are symptom free!! I hope that is you :)

As for myself, i suffered permanent nerve damage and now must learn how to live my life with these symptoms and if little ole me cant fight through all of this? Then you can do it too!!!

Please reply to me and let me know how you are doing

Hope to hear from you



Just read your post, I am 2 years post op and still suffer symptoms not as bad as before the surgery.

The first couple of weeks are really tough so don't be too hard on yourself, listen to your own body and try to let your body heal.

I am lucky my husband is very supportive but my two grown sons aged 32 and 30 are in total denial and just ignore any of my symptoms (as if they are all in my head HA HA).