Daughter's chiari surgery scheduled for 03/26/2013

My daughter is 12 years old and was diagnosed with Chiari last year after she had a MRI. She has scoliosis. The Neurosurgeon said she would need a decompression surgery. My daughter has no symtoms at all and she is not in any pain. Her chiari was found incidental because of her scoliosis. She has never been in any pain. Now I am scared that once she has this surgery that she will be in pain. I am praying that she will not. We were told that she needed the surgery due to spinal cord fluid building in her spine (syrinx). We are hopeful that it will stop the progression of her scoliosis.

Thank You. I will make sure I read it.

How was your daughter surgery??

Her surgery went well. She is in a lot of pain as far as her head hurting. The nurses are controlling her pain with medication. She was up laughing, talking and watching television today. This is one day after her surgery. Thus far she is progressing very well. Thanks for asking.

BookAngel said:

How was your daughter surgery??

Im so happy to hear that your daughter is doing well and has gotten some good treatment. I couldnt help but comment and tell you that I'm 17 and also have chiari, alongside the scoliosis and a syrinx so we seem to be in very similar boats. I suffered back pain so MRI's we ordered and my Chiari was found which is similar to your daughter. I hope she continues with a quick and healthy recovery and hope that you keep us all updated on how shes doing. All the best for you and your daughter, Emily

HI Emily. Thank You for your concern. Have you had the Chiari surgery? How are you doing? I wish you the best.

Thank you but no, I haven't had anything done so all the pain is still the same which is less than perfect right now. If you don't mind me asking, as your daughter and I have similar problems, how is it that surgery came about for your daughter? Did her symptoms get worse or did the NS straight away say that surgery should be done? I hope shes well and you are too.

My daughter never had any pain or symptoms. Her surgery came about because of the syrinx fluid building in her spine and her scoliosis. Her Chiari was the cause of her scoliosis. Her scoliosis curvature was at a 56 degree angle and the orthopedic surgeon was recommending surgery to place rods in her back to straighten her spine. The Neurosurgeon recommended the chiari surgery in an effort to make room for her fluids to flow instead of building up. In addition, we are hoping that it stops the progression of her scoliosis.

Hope all keeps going in the right direction for her.Praying for her.

Poor thing, well I hope she's doing okay and thank you for the information. I hope it does stop the scoliosis