CSF pressure

Hi i have just had a lumbar puncture and pressure was 31, not seeing doc for 3months, wondered if anyone knew if this is high- low etc… Thanks Al

Hi beeba,

What is a cine MRI?? I have had several mri’s which show my chiari is 10mm herniation. I had a bleed on brain in may also

Does high flow indicate a blockage?? My hea has been much worse lately, now getting nausea and dizziness, thanks for ur help

Thanks really appreciate help!

Again thanks beeba, taking my daughter into hospice today for respite ( she is severely disabled) so i am plannin of phoning my NS 2moro as i will have time !!! Thanks again al

Oh yeah just for reference i am not obese so looks like high pressure

Hi Emmaline,

My daughter is severely disabled and goes into hospice every few months for us to have a break she hasnt been in for 18 months so i really need this weekend break!!

Beeba thank you xxx

Jess is 6 yr old and beautifully mischievious!!! She has lots of fun in the hospice and staff all give her fantastic nursing care, jess requires life saving care daily so as u can guess its gets tiring for me and dad, however when she is in hospice we get a few days of being mum and dad to our other 2 kids and not nurses whilst jess has fun!!!

Thanks for all the support on here, this for us is normal everyday life!

My understanding is that the general guide for CSF pressure is that 8-20 is normal, 21-24 is elevated, and 25+ is pseudotumor cerebri.

While you are waiting to talk to your doc, you might google "pseudotumor" and you will find LOTS of information that might be helpful. Also, if you are dx with a PTC, then you will already understand it all when you doctor speaks with you.

Good luck, and keep us updated!

Thought i would update you all. I had a major low pressure headache for 10 days felt very ill!!! Surgeon called to say CSF pressure was very high i need to see an eye specialist and now taking acetazolamide. Hoping to see improvemnets but at moment high pressure headache returned and now have intermittant tingling in fingertips and soles of feet. Hope you are all well. Jess my daughter had lots of fun in hospice too