Craniotomy (for tumour eviction) and decompression surgery?

Hi lovely people just wondering if anyone else has had these procedures either at the same time or separately? (please excuse me if I have used the wrong terminology hehe this stuff is a pretty steep learning curve) Thanks in advance and hugs to you all :)

Hugs thanks so much Abby :)

Abby said:

Here are some great sites for you to go to: So sorry you are having all this, but I would image they will do them separately. CachedBrain Tumor Surgery; ... What is a craniotomy? ...

Chiari Surgery | Mayfield Chiari Center

Asti, prayers going out to you. How are you holding up?


Hugs Hi Jenn, I am actually ok :) , the hardest thing at the moment is waiting to see the NS on the 23rd, I just want to know what is likely or going to happen and get direct answers and diagnosis (I only know what is on the Mri and what I have learned from research which is a bit hard without a defined diagnosis) gosh hope that makes sense :)

Thank you so much for your prayers and asking how I am it really does mean allot hugs :)

jcdemar said:

Asti, prayers going out to you. How are you holding up?


Hugs Nykki and thanks for posting, gosh I hope time goes quickly for you hugs :)

Nykki said:

Hi ati74,

I totally understand where you are coming from. I can't see my NS until 8/28. I want to get the surgery get PT scheduled and keep this thing from progressiing worse than it already has.

Take care,