Cine MRI

First, thanks to all who share their stories so inspiring and motivating. Blessings to all.I have seen several Drs. Locally none of which are chiari specialists and not one of them thinks a cine mri is necessary . I really feel I need one so that I can make an educated decision about surgery. The NS said I need surgery but with so many variables I would like something more concrete to base my decision on like if there is actually CSF blockage. The problem is I have no idea where I can get one done. I live in Tulsa OK, and I am willing to travel. Any info on a location close would be great. Thanks

I hope this helps, but I found these 2 doctors on the world ACM association. They are both in Oklahoma city, and they are supposed to be Chiari specialists. I really hope this helps you out!

Dr. Timothy B. Mapstone
Chairman, Department of Neurosurgery
Department of Neurosurgery
1000 N. Lincoln Boulevard, Suite 400
Oklahoma City, Oklahoma 73104

Phone: (405) ■■■■■■■■

Dr. Stan Pelofsky
Oklahoma Neurological Institute
Oklahoma City

Dr. Clifton Baird OK: Tulsa Oklahoma Spine & Brain Institute Neurosurgeon:

Dr. Douglas Koontz OK: Tulsa St. Francis Hospital Neurosurgeon:

Dr. Thomas Rapacki OK: Tulsa Saint John Neuroscience Institute Neurosurgeon:

I didn’t get a cine until I met with the prospective surgeon, he ordered it. I’m sorry you are meeting the brick wall- just keep going!!