Chiari and disk problems

Have any of you also had neck disk issues that had to be dealt with?

I had my decompression July 2013 and still continue to have headaches. NS thought possible occipital neuralgia and did nerve blocks, these did not help either. Now he wants to MRI my neck and check for disk problems. Could this be an issue or is he just trying to keep me running around like a chicken with my head cut off?

Have you been evaluated for EDS? That can cause issues with the discs. Also arthritis or degenerative disc disease could cause issues as well. I have arthritis in the facet joints of my spine so my neck is unstable and the laminectomy done during my decompression added to that a bit.

I think it's actually good that he wants to order an MRI. A lot of NS just declare you cured and release you post-op so it's nice that he's taking you seriously!

No I haven't been evaluated for EDS. I was to the point of giving up b/c nothing was helping with the pain, but just got to my breaking point I guess, and agreed to look further. He acts curious and doesn't give me the "you are just imagining things" attitude like so many of them do.

Thank you for responding. I see Dr. Sonjay Fonn in Cape Girardeau, MO. I like him quite a bit!