Cervical Facet Syndrome!

So I been going to pain management for a long time now and finally week ago my doctor there was asking me questions as she was touching my neck and feeling that popping or grinding feeling that i was feeling/hearing anytime i moved my neck especially to my left.(my left seems more affected by chiari) anyway she suggested i had cervical facet syndrome, and asked if i would be open to having shots (round of 3) it would either prove i have this or not if they helped it proved i had it if it didnt it would prove i didnt....and I being very skeptic...Went for my first round of shots on May 29th and

I have to tell you guys/gals what a HUGE and I mean HUGE difference...I can move my head without pain for the first time in god knows how long,3 yrs + I almost scare myself when i turn my head so easily, especially when I am driving (LOL), or when I discovered I could look up with just moving my head and not arching my back to look up- WOO HOO what a grand surprise...I cant tell you when I smiled the last time, but gosh darn it this sure has brought the smile back to me... and i HAD to share this with you guys/gals!

i dont know how long these shots will last, but honestly i will take this relief for as long as i get it, it is an absolute wonder!! round 2 is scheduled for the 18th, and I am not sure what happens after round 3 but i tell ya it sure has made a world of difference for me...So if ya all have this popping/grinding going on in your neck and it feels like its stuck in a vice all the time-maybe you want to bring this up to your pain mgmt doc- its worth a shot (haha) anyway.

truly amazed pain mgmt doc is onto something here...LOL


WOO HOO!!!!! For some relief. Hope the shots last a long, long, long time.

Thanks for a good post first thing Monday morning!