Ok my symptoms are really bad i mean i have big trouble handling daily tasks i guess my question is has anyone’s CM been so bad that they need to either hire a caregiver or seek outside help at any point of their condition pre or post surgery?

Well, I spent 9 days in the hospital post surgery, a couple days sitting in a recliner and being taken care of at my sister's house, and then I didn't really leave the house for three months after that, but I had my parents and siblings taking care of me, making food, helping me with my medicine, being moral support, talking to me when I started crying. And then I broke my neck sooooo...I definitely had care givers. And a cane. And someone there for when I couldn't swallow my pills because of the swelling. Family and friends are invaluable.

Pre surgery I had no symptoms, so I don't know about that.

Abby, I couldn’t agree more. If I’ve learned anything it’s listen to my body. If it tells me I need rest I don’t fight it anymore, I lay down.
Brandi, my daughters were 8 & 9 when I had my surgery and if I wasn’t so blessed to have my amazing family I know I would have hired help. Pre surgery I could barely do anything around the house. There is nothing wrong with getting help so you can enjoy your family with the limited energy you have.