Can it still be chiari?

I see a NS in a few weeks and my mri says low lying tonsils, so I’m thinking its chiari, yet I don’t have headaches or pain. It seems a classic symptom of chiari is pain with cough etc. i do have dizziness, head and back of neck pressure, ringing in ears, balance problems, fatigue and brain fog. Can it be chiari if I don’t have pain?

Nikki, Yes, it can be Chiari symptoms even without pain. I had a migrain for 5 years but rarely did I ever get the cough /valsalva headache. We are all different. Unless you have a syrinx or a dangerous symptom (like central apnea) surgery is more a personal choice. not every NS operates by the same criteria, some go off of herniation size and syrinx, others go by degree of life changing symptoms

Jenn :slight_smile:

Thanks Jenn! I have to wait a month until my NS appt and the waiting is killing me! Can’t wait to get some answers.

Nikki, I hope you get a great NS. I suggest just keep reading and researching so you are a good judge of the NS- you’ll know when to drop a BS flag and also if you have a keeper.