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  • This website is a non-profit, tax-exempt philanthropic organization that aims to help other people in the best way that its people can.

  • This site has a directory of grant makers by state, region, and city.

  • This site provides funding opportunities for families and youth, such as grants to state for family violence, shelter, and many more.

  • This site offers temporary assistance to needy families


  • This site is a federal agency within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services that covers Medicare, Medicaid, State Children's Health Insurance Program(SCHIP), HIPAA, and CLIA. Click on the site for your coverage.

  • This site offers help for those who are uninsured.

  • This site offers insurance for Kids

  • This site offers health coverage for Medicare and Medicaid services


  • This is the official page of the USDA Food and Nutrition Service. This site helps struggling families put food on the table. Also learn if taxpayer dollars are spent wisely by clicking on this site:

For FAQ please click:

For Applicants and Recipients please click:

For National School Lunch Program please click:

  • This site offers Free or Low-Cost Food and Nutrition Materials

  • This site offers grants for supplemental food for pregnant moms.

  • This site has a list of contact information for all the food banks around Unites States


  • This site helps provide a decent home or build houses for the homeless and victims of disasters, through the help of youth volunteers.


  • For people who want to take FREE anonymous depression screening, use these sites to find the nearest National Depressions Screening Day near you.

  • This site offers FREE eye care program that is open for the whole year.

You can also call 1-800-■■■■■■■■ for further assistance.

  • This site provides assistance for people with disabilities:

  • This site offers patient assistance program

  • This site offers FREE clinics to less fortunate individuals around United States. Free provisions and services include food and money, clothing, dental and medical services, haircuts, legal counseling, and spiritual advice.

  • This site provides a list of FREE clinics around United States


  • These are the links that give FREE prescription medicines for patients who cannot afford to get one. First, determine the manufacturers of the medicines you are taking and then look for their website below.

  • This site offers help, such as FREE medicines to people who cannot afford to buy medicines

  • This site offers FREE medicine for low income people

  • This site offers free medicine and vaccines for people who do not have an insurance coverage, as well as for those who cannot afford to buy their Merck medicine.

  • This site offers FREE or low-cost medical and dental care.


  • This site offer JOB opportunities for job seekers


  • This site offers FREE service for Energy assistance for home heating and cooling.

  • This site offers financial help to pay for heating and cooling

  • This site offers discount on the basic monthly service for less-fortunate customers’ wire line or wireless phone. To sign up, please click this link:

Wow !!! Great List. I hope it helps meet needs within our Group !!!