Australian Doctor Recommendation Needed!

I need to know if any fellow Aussies or anybody for that matter knows of any doctors in the Sydney and Central Coast region who can help me with management for CMS?.Any help would be appreciated.


Thanks Abby.

I guess I should have been a lot clearer with my question,but I am going through a very frustrating time trying to find a PCP or any one in the medical field who understands Connective tissue Disorders and Chiari.I have just seen a Pain Management specialist who thinks that CM is not a significant factor with my pain,and for that matter,neither is EDS or in my case,LOEY`s Dietz,they are very similar.Here in Australia it seems we are in the Dark Ages as far as these disorders are concerned.I was hoping that someone who lives near my area could recommend a General Practice Doctor in the Sydney Metropolitan area who understands these problems.I have already seen Prof. Marcus Stoodley,but he thinks that surgery is not an option.I also found out that he is very conservative in this field.I also have a lot of instability in my neck and other parts of my spine.My biggest worry was the way the doctors dismissed this online support group as being out of touch with medical knowledge and obsessing with each others, and our own problems,therefore making them worse.I was told not to seek a second NS opinion,that it was a waste of time.Australia is a wasteland as far as doctors for these disorders and that is why I have asked if anyone here has found anybody who understands these conditions , either in this state or country.Thankyou for your help Abby.