New Primary Care Doctor Advice Needed

I am about to see a new PCP and I don`t want to scare him off,or overwhelm him with information about Chiari or EDS.I don`t even know if he will be right for me,but I have made an initial appointment on 30th Jan.As I have said before, an NS has said that he doe`s not think a 6mm herniation is the cause of my symptoms and now because of this even my wife has become to believe him,she hardly reads any of the information I give her that says otherwise.Any advice on how to approach this new doctor would be appreciated.I know that he will treat any previous doctor`s notes a lot better than what I can tell him,but without meeting him, I could be wrong.Should I write a brief medical history of my life and give it to him,or just let him read my past history from older files.I just don`t know and I feel very alone right now.Anyway if you can help me,let me know.If not wish me luck.Thanks

I would recommend bringing a printout with precise and to the point info. Maybe choose one or two fact sheets to leave with the doc. And just be sincere In saying that you need his help.
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Are you required to get a referral before you an NS?


Ps I’m sorry you are not getting spousal support- that is sooo hard :frowning:

Thanks Jenn.Yes I do have to get another referral before I can get a second opinion for surgery.That means I have to go through all the same things to "break in" another PCP who will agree that this is worth a try.This feels like just another trip on the "merry go round ".Thanks for the fact sheets.At least I have a lot more information now than a few months ago.