At wits end

I am now up to seven prescriptions AND botox which isn’t working by the way. But the doctor is pretty much making me get again to give it a fair shot he says even after I told him it made my forehead feel worse…he prescribed a type of novacaine cream; I already have sensation issues why would I ever do anything to make them worse like Botox or a novcaine cream? All my doctor seems to concentrate on is my headaches and some dizziness with a little depression on the side. Needless to say my issues are more than those but I get ignored and hustled out the door or passed to the underlings. I have already switched neurologist once because they were incapable of getting mri results. I feel like I am being steam rolled ny my chiari and my doctor.

I'm sorry you're having a hard time.

Doctors who truly listen and try to help, not just give you prescriptions, are so rare! We just have to find strength somewhere and continue the fight for our health improvements.

Hope you find some answers and feel better soon!

Just remember, your doctor can NOT make you do something you don't want to. Stand firm with them and tell them no more and if they can't fallow the law and provide you with quality health care you will take your business some where else. Hopefully standing up to them will make them realize that you aren't playing with them. I hope you get things straightened out and get the health care you deserve...which is the best.