Any recommendations for a Neurologist is Houston?

I have recently been getting headaches at night that wake me up and I’ve been getting dizzy alot. I have not been seen since my 3 month follow-up appt with me Neurosurgeon. Thanks in advance!

Thanks Abby, I just the doctors page first but there are no Neurologist listed in Houston, only Neurosurgeons.

I will check out the dysautonomia suggestion. The dizziness isn’t really concerning me, its the new headaches, that are waking me up at night.

Hi Jen - I was diagnosed two weeks ago and had an emergency surgery two days after. I live in Houston and my surgeons name is Patrick Shih and my neurologist is Paul Gill. They have been amazing doctors in helping me with all of this.

Well I just got the results of my latest MRI. My decompression surgery worked well and everything is holding up as it should but I have a pineal gland cyst now, not sure if this is why I recently started have dizziness and headaches again…