Any one that has had the surgery

My 14yr old daughter has Chiari I and she is going to be having the decompression surgery soon but is there anyone who has had the surgery have more then one medical problem

Hello. Today was my first day on here but I have found some discussions already that have compelled me to chime in. While I have Chiari I myself, my 10 year old daughter also has it. She was diagnosed after I was, and only because on a routine follow up MRI for a brain tumor (craniopharyngioma) she had removed two years prior to her Chiari I diagnosis. On her head and spinal scan they also found her to have a very mild spina bifida occulta. Aside from some hormone therapy she is on post her brain tumor removal, she is a healthy and active 10 year old!

I should also mention that she had her decompression surgery at the age of six and had a wonderfully quick recovery. Her neurosurgeon (Monica Wehby, MD Portland OR) did both of her surgeries and is an amazing surgeon.