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I’m wondering if any of you suffer from debilitating OCD/Anxiety/Depression? What medication are you taking? Is it providing any relief? I am presently taking Effexor (have been for a month) and it is not helping at all. I have been recommended to take Zoloft and Topamax, does anyone have experience with either of those?

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@jaker my daughter has a tremendous amount of anxiety and depression simply from the process of seeing so many drs ( many of whom have completely dismissed her complaints) and having chronic pain levels of 6/10 daily. She also suffers from severe insomnia and both visual and auditory hallucinations. Everyone is different so only you will know what works for you. For her (she is 11) Elavil did not work and gave her terrible side effects. Imitrex, Maxalt and Cymbalta also had no effect on relieving her headaches or pain. She also had a severe allergic reaction to Compazine. She currently only takes vitamins and minerals plus zofran. Best wishes for working your way through this maze! Welcome to the group!

@jaker my neurologist suggested Zoloft to me about 3 weeks ago & I’m so grateful she did! I take the generic Sertraline & it has been great! The 1st week, I took half a 25 mg & week 2 began taking the full 25mg dose. So far, I haven’t had any side effects other than lessened anxiety, better sleep, a mood boost & it’s even helped me stretch my pain meds a little further!
In the past, I tried Lyrica, Cymbalta, Amitriptyline & Lamotrigine. While on Lamotrigine, I had low dose Alprazolam on an as needed dose for spikes in anxiety.
So far, my anxiety still comes but it’s manageable! My doc said it could take a full 4 to 6 weeks to have the full effectiveness. She wanted me to try it to see if it could help calm some nerves down so maybe my vision & balance will recover. I don’t have any changes there yet but I’m hopeful & in the meantime, I’m just grateful it’s helped ease the additional burden of depression! I was in the process of locating a psychiatrist for help.
Sorry for the long post but I wanted to share my experience with you. I realize that we’re all different & I hope if you try it, you will have good results too!

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Hey there yup! me to OCD,anxiety,depression it got so bad to the point where I was having feelings of wanting to hide and not engage at all.I take fluoxetine for my ocd.The best thing I ever did was see a nuerophycologyst before a psychiatrist.Consider the possibility that you may have a Traumatic brain injury rather than a phycological issue I found it helpful because a nuerophycologyst asses everything from cognitive ability to attention,memory.I hope this helps I know its a difficult process.I am 4 years post cranial decompression and I still need endone for pain management it is incredibly frustrating especially when doctors don’t know much about it.Depression can really sneek up on me im usually a pretty positive person but there are days where I wish things could be so much simplier.As hard as it feels keep reaching out and talking to people that you trust and remember you are not alone.Sending hugs your way.