All is not Chiari(?)


Just wanted to throw this out there..

We all have so many symptoms that come and go in intensity. When do we know when something is NOT caused by the Chiari???

I blame the Chiari for many things. My neck pain was caused , in part, from a bad disc that needed to be many folks have this problem w/o I have had neck/disc issues if I didn't have Chiari??

I just don't want any of us to 'fluff' something off as Chiari when in fact it may be something completely unrelated.

sorry for the length of this...I ramble!!!

God Bless and Be well,

hi lori

whooo great question, i agree how do we really know, well we dont,ive been tested for everything that you could just about think of, to rule out my body causing the problems, if that comes back clear then you can use it as chiari symptom, i have moniter on as we speak to rule our my heart, my beat is a bit fast, and lot of pressure in my headand felt over all bad,

i know that its my spine causing at, ive read that a cyst compressing your cord in T5 causing problems with chest and breathing, heart, and blood pressure.

so it makes you wonder what problems are caused by chiair or other problems

good topic, it makes me use my brain

i agree susan. it controlls and sents the signals up and down to the body, do im most cases i think its the cause, i suffer from all sorts of things, and we have never found a reason for it other than brain,

its frastrating to have to rule everything before you can say brain related, HAAAA

im sick of it,