A little nervous about opp

Hi all my name is Varnya I’m 29 turning 30 on may 24th :] on my birthday I get the told the best present of all, my birthday is the day my neuro is telling me when I’m booked in for my decompression opp… well my question is are you awake during the opp??? an do you feel it??? scared yes starting to feel rather nervous, do you feel it when they put the staples in your head??? these might be strange questions but these are the ones that scare me, please any info is awsome, thanks xxoo

First...Happy Early Birthday!! :)

You are definitely not awake during the surgery. You will not feel a thing. You're completely knocked out with anesthetic. It is scary. You will not feel the staples being put in your head either as you will be knocked out during that also. These are not strange questions at all! At least you are thinking to ask questions!!

I was 15 when I had decompression surgery in 2003. All I was worried about was having the pain stop. I didn't think or worry about anything else. I didn't even think to do research on Chiari or Syringomyelia. I Didn't ask any questions. I didn't really prepare myself for what was going on. I'm glad I went through with it though.



Welcome…Please let us know how you are doing. Like Alicia said…you are knocked out during the whole operation!!!



You will not feel the operation, or staples going in. You will be totally put to sleep, don't worry! No questions are bad or silly questions! My surgery was 3 yrs ago, but I can still remember everything like it was yesterday:) Please let me know if you have any other questions. You will be in the hospital for probably 3-4 maybe a day or 2 longer depending on your pain level. I can honestly say that I was not in that much pain after decompression. I know some people are in a lot of pain, but I did not experience that. I was in ICU for 2 days and then transferred to a regular room. It is scary, but you will survive it. Ask as many questions when you meet with your surgeon so that you feel comfortable with everything that is going to happen:) Let us know when you get a date.




When I woke up from my Chiari/basilar invagination surgery, for the first time in a long time, nothing hurt. I actually felt good. Part of it, of course, was the fairy dust they had me on. I didn't remember anything from the time they put me to sleep until I woke up after the surgery. My doctor didn't open the dura and put any stiches on the outside; they were all on the inside. He used what I think are called sterry strips (like tape) on the outside, so I guess I'm only an honorary zipperhead. If I had know how much better I was going to feel after the surgery, I would have done it a long time before I did. But, like you, I was scared. It's normal to be scared - it took me a long time to decide to have the surgery even though it wasn't optional for me. I finally told myself to stay focused on the fact that, after the surgery, I would have done whatever I could to make my life better and free myself of worry and pain. Just think how nice that will be. For me, the surgery was a good thing; for the most part the dizziness and vertigo are gone and I don't have the awful headaches. I hope you will think as your operation day as the first day of the rest of your life. I've met so many people who've had this surgery and whose lives have been changed for the better. Key is having a good neurosurgeon who is skilled in the surgery. Different doctors do it differently. We all have different experiences during the surgery and we all handle it differently. I tried to have reasonable expectations for the outcome of the surgery. The getting better is a process. It takes awhile to heal; I found that I had to stay off the computer or it would cause me pain in my neck after the surgery. I actually slept a lot for about five weeks after the surgery. Evidently a lot of rest was what my body needed to heal. It took about five months for me to wake up one day and finally feel "well". I don't know if your doctor will have you wear a collar after the surgery. I had to wear one because of the cervical fusion I had done. someone recommended the Aspen Vista collar to me and I got it and practiced wearing it before the surgery. I'm ten months past my surgery and I will wear it sometimes in the car if I'm in a lot of fast traffic. Another thing that helped me recover too is that I started walking about two months after surgery and I also still do water therapy. It strengthens the legs and helps with the balance. Keep positive and expect a good outcome.....it can happen.....I know. If I can answer any questions for you, I'll be happy to.

Hugs and blessings