lastnight my husband found this article on 3d, which got us talking and then he did this expirement that the site suggested to see if i could see what i should, and I can't and really I have never been able to see 3d, not in those books or anything to me it all looks the same (Flat) and nothing looks different or popping out at me, which led me to wonder does any other chiarian have this same inability. Years ago i would have never even gave it a 2nd thought, but since Chiari has graced me with its wonderful presence(sarcasm) and has answered some life long issues i was just wondering if this is another one of those chiari "symptoms"


I get those jumpy eyes especially mostly in the morning its like my eyes have a nervous twitch (kinda like how your hands shake when you are nervous) never knew what it was just started a few mths ago-or well i never noticed it before-lol- oh yeah my eyes and ears are super sensative so its not just you :wink: