2nd surgery possibilities?

Hi all as I'm getting ready for my visit to NY I have so many questions and worries!!! Would the Chiari Institute have me go from Az to NY after seeing my MRIs unless they truly see something? After years and years of NL and Docs offering no help at all I'm conditioned for bad news or the ole "I'm sorry we can't really help you any more. Here's a pill"
I had a fossa decompression and laminectomy in 2001 in Az with a NS not so well versed with Chiari. I'm so hopeful these docs can help/find anything to assist with progressing symptoms.
They have me set up w Dr Kula and surgeon Dr Rekate. So I would think they may have a plan??? It's so hard to be in the dark..... I'm mentally exhausted as well as physically. Does anyone have feedback?? THANK YOU!!


I can completely understand your concerns.....is there anyway that you can speak on the phone with a doctor that looked at your case b4 you travel so far and spend all that time and money on travel??

I personally do not know much about the Chiari Institute....I have only 'heard' positive things about them.

When did you plan on going to NY????

Keep us posted..good luck!!!