2mm in 2yrs?

I was finally ..... able to get an MRI report from 2 yrs ago. It states that I had a 4mm herniation that the radiologist did not find to be "significant" for diagnosis of Chiari malformation. After an appointment with an Opthamologist a few months ago that showed swelling of my optic nerve and bleeding I had another mri that showed a 6mm herniation. is it normal to have it fall 2mm that quickly? however my flow study shows only slight blockage and im being sent to a vascular radiologist to treat Pseudo Tumor Cerebri.

Should I be concerned about the 2mm increase in 2 yrs? and be more adamant with my neurosurgeon about the Chiari or has anyone else heard of PTC cause the Chiari herniation increase? im a little lost.... thanks so he support everyone! my best too everyone

great info Mandy..thanks!!

HWNPUG..When is your NS appt?? I would certainly question the NS about the increase. Keep us posted.

Well I think i have found the "dream team" a great NS and now a great interventional neuroradiologist (sp?) we have all discussed my situation and have decided that I am a good candidate for stenting for the IIH. I will have it done in May ( date to be set in the next day or so) My flow study came back good, however i have severe stenosis of my sigmoid sinuses and an empty sella turcica. It is possible that the IIH is causing the worsening of chiari. Looking forward to a possible ( even if it it is only possible) light at the end of the tunnel, and am happy to have Dr.s that are willing to work together to get me there. Thank you guys so much for your responses.