16 Days post-Op

I met with my Doc for the first time since my release from the hospital.

He removed my stitches and said the scar looked fine. I asked him exactly what he did: he told me that he had already explained it to me right after he finished and laughed that I didn’t remember what he told me.

I asked when he thought I’d be able to return to work: he said if all went well I could be back in 2 weeks. Honestly I t have my doubts but he assured me that if I didn’t feel physically able that he would reconsider. I think I have a lot of strength to regain and pain to lose in only 2 weeks- but I’m leaving it up to the Lord!

I again want to thank the best Doc could have brought my way- Dr. Marcus Ware! A great family that has put up with a lot from me and has also really tried to help me the best they can. My wife has put up with the most as I’m not the best patient by any stretch of the imagination.

I also want to thank my church family -Cornerstone Church of God, that has been very supportive. A special thanks also to the many friends that have called, e-mailed, face-booked me and sent notes of encouragement.

Until next time!
Pastor Kenny Flaming

Yes I didnt remember either and got almost the same reaction from my doctor, ya know if you ask they will even give you a written copy of the surgery procedeure (or atleast i got one) maybe not all give one.

sounds like you are doing fairly well, rest is by far the best thing you can do to recovery and regain your strength to return to your duties. it helps so much to have the support of family and friends that alone is a wonderful gift and a great healing step!.

happy healing :)


Glad to hear you are doing so well. My surgery is Monday and I hope I do as well as you have.


hi pastor kenny,

yeah, 2 weeks from now doesn't seem like a long time to recover after such surgery...however...you have great faith and trust in the Lord and as you well know, He will see you thru.

Lisa gave great input...rest ...and i so agree with you and Lisa...true friends and a supportive family helps so very much...I am sure your whole church is praying daily for you and a speedy recovery....you do your part too , Kenny....don't over-do!! i am great at giving advice but stink at taking my own advice i so often give out here....lol

mindy..i cannot believe monday is the day...wow...that came up quick...for me, anyway..for you..must seem like an eternity. pls keep us posted..we are all here for one another...you are in my thoughts and prayers.

peace to you all...


Everyone recovers differently. I never expected to be still home at 7 weeks, but here I sit. The worst part is that I do feel better in most ways, but not " normal yet"… Whatever normal means. Relax and rest, and remember God doesn’t give you more than you can handle, and there is a purpose behind all things in our lives…hmmmm what is he telling you right now? Slow down, take care of yourself, have faith?

I think part of my message was to learn to be humble and to let go and let God!

Keeping you in prayer!

please kenny, if you dont feel up to it, dont go back early, this can cause longer down time to your recovery,

its also your body, god gave that to you to look after, you only have one, so take care of it, god and you are a partnership, you work together,

thinking of you in your recovery,

im pleased you have great support, you are blessed