1 month post op

So I had surgery one month ago. I have a lot more good days than bad. But I’m still getting migraines! I don’t know if this is normal or not. I had a follow-up and everything looks great according to the neurosurgeon. But I still have difficulty walking, numbness in my right arm, and eye puffiness whenever a migraine starts to come on. I’m hoping things will ease up. I’m also getting acne like crazy. My skin used to be clear and now it seems to be getting out of control like a teenager. Has this happened to anybody else?

Hey Mrs Awesome,
Neurosurgery is a strange beast. Our brain control everything in our body, changes that maybe considered small or insignificant can have a massive affect.
My first signs that there ‘may’ have been an issue were ignored, minimised and written off. I was simply crazy. Those things just couldn’t be happening, but they were. This occurred so much I learnt to not say anything. Some 15-20 years later all of those symptoms came to a head (No pun intended) as I was rushed in to surgery and I’ve been on a neurosurgical rollercoaster ever since.

I have often thought of all of the ‘What if’s’. What if it was all taken seriously back then? What if I had spoken up more loudly? What if I’d objected to being labelled crazy for something that was VERY real? what if…? what if…? what if…?
For this reason I have regularly recommended people get a 2nd opinion and if needed get a 3rd, 4th and 5th. Nobody knows your body better than you. If something is not right, follow it up. What is happening? Find out.

I have said to other members here that if they need neurosurgery, they need to speak to a neurosurgeon and not a neurologist. But in your case I’d suggest the opposite. You’ve had the surgery, the surgeon says surgically everything looks OK. So, if it’s OK surgically what is happening here? Why are you symptomatic? A neurologist ‘should’ be able to investigate further. A surgeon is a bit like a mechanic, they can operate and help it run better. But if it’s an electrical issue the mechanic may not have the knowledge to locate or fix it. You’d need someone to investigate the issue like an auto electrician. You need someone to investigate your issue. Your issue is brain related and I’d recommend you see a neurologist to investigate it all.

Best of luck with it all
Merl from the Moderator Support Team

Thank you so much! I know I have a pinched nerve in my C4-C6 so I’m going to be speaking to a specialist about getting epidural shots. So fingers crossed that is the problem. I’ll keep you posted. Thank you for all your support :heart::purple_heart: