What was your herniation to get surgery?

I know it really doesn't matter what the herniation was that it really depends on if there is a blockage but I would like to know. The one time they did my cine mri to see if there was a blockage I'm wasn't experiencing the symptoms and therefore I know its not going to show up but I can tell when my symptoms happen there must be a small blockage at that moment due to I feel the pressure and build up of fluid at the bottom back of my head yet doctors ignore the fact that it is possible and there is a chance of this being the case. I'm on medicaid due to no license not able to drive back and forth to a minimum wage job I have to pay a driver but I'm currently in college try to get a degree to be able to get a better job to afford the insurance that can actually help me to get to a better group of doctors. But I would like to know what was your herniation when your doctor agreed to surgery? My herniation has been increasing but the doctors and specialists I have seen, refuse to give me the surgery due to me being a single parent if something goes wrong they don't want to be responsible (bologna). No my family cannot help me with doctor bills that is on me, so don't try the you need a different doctor I know this but insurance has to come first.

I am here as a walking talking person to tell you the herniation does not have to be great for our lives to be altered.I have been reading some recently published facts about herniation there’s now being concidered a chiari 0 that means some patients may not be herniated but the tonsil is involved in the pressure on the brain stem that was my case not to much of a herniation at all but still very sick.I began with more symptoms many yrs.ago my life has been complicated until I found a specialist that went on his special mris and tilt table test,the best thing of all he listened to what I told him and believed me.My decompression is almost 9 months out now even though it’s not perfect my life is now tolerable so much better than before, what a shame to waste so much life listening to Dr.s who refuse to listen to us,please find a specialist if you can.

My herniation was measured differently by every doc I talked to. It was between 3 and 6 mm.

Mine was 12-13mm and decreased CSF flow, but I did not has a syrng and still had surgery, not having that does not equal less symptoms.

thanks for evryones feedback mine has dropped more in every mri as far as i know no syrng but my symptoms vary everyday some days are manageable but lately more are non-manageable.

Mine was 25 mm I had surgery almost 5 months ago still having a lot of pain in my neck and shoulders but headaches numbness and brain fog is getting better

Mine was either 8 or 10mm depending on the MRI. No syrinx. I did have impeded flow of CSF on my CINE.

16 mm...CSF totally blocked...no syrinx....almost paralyzing numbness from head to tailbone...never felt like that before...all the other symptoms of numbness in arms and legs, balance problems, brain fog, headaches, etc. I had since 2009, Dr. dx me with fibromygia...Feb 2013 dx with Chiari...decompression surgery done on April 3, 2013 by a Chiari Specialist in Little Rock, Arkansas.

I had a 14mm chiari and had terrible symptoms...and no one wanted to operate on me! After a car accident and another MRI I was at 23mm and finally found a surgeon to operate - which then he quit on me because I kept having CSF leaks and he didn't know what to do. I am glad I had the surgery though...despite almost dying and going through 2-3 years of hell, I am a LOT better now than I was the past few years! I have good insurance though that paid for my $450,000 worth of medical bills!

Well I was just told today by a local NS that I was not a candidate for decompression surgery at 10mm even though I am having blinding headaches, vision imbalance, dizziness and blood pressure issues. I am from N.E. Texas and from what I can tell so far the local Dr's here do not know much about CM. I have learned so much in the last month from doing my own research and explains so much as far as my symptoms.

Edwin,you will need to find a chiari specialist to get the proper help,even if you could get a reg.NS to do it I would not trust them anyway so many don’t do many.The only way I would allow them to do one is if they do a lot of decompressions each year.I’m very blessed to have found a great chiari NS and I was so desparate before I knew any better.I would have done anything so it was God’s plan for me to spend 27 yrs. begging for help,this condition is so cruel and the NSs are usually just as bad as the sickness it’s self,so much ignorance in this field.I sure hope help will come soon for you the secret to healing is a SPECIALIST!!I have a great surgeon,he is in NC.but he is one of the best.friend me if you need more info.good luck.

A good doctor or a chiari specialist will look at quality of life and symptoms to find out if you need surgery. the size of your herniation is only one piece of the puzzle. But if it's getting worse that would seem to be a strong indication that something needs to be done.

The Affordable Care Act is starting to come on line and some of it's provisions may help you. I know that some of the states are holding up some of the parts of it so you will have to do some research.These links may help.

Answers for college students from NPR.... http://www.npr.org/blogs/health/2013/08/19/207902395/you-ask-we-answer-more-of-your-questions-about-the-affordable-care-act

Here's some info about exchanges in your state (it also has a link to healthcare.gov site) http://www.journalnow.com/news/local/article_85321bd0-0694-11e3-881e-001a4bcf6878.html

And the organization mentioned.... Community Care of North Carolina https://www.communitycarenc.org/

You should be able to find someone to talk to at CCNC that will help you navigate the insurence issue.

I hope that I haven't overwhelmed you with info. Just take it one step at a time. You deserve to get help and you deserve to listened to. You have some beautiful little souls that need you and love you more than anything.

{{{{{HUGS}}}}} Wendy

I had one side a 21 mm and a 12 on the other. I had surgery july 23

Thanks Wendy this does help my doc has agreed finally the observing my inccrease of problems isn't at the best interest of my health and i go to my neurosurgeon on the 13th to discuss if he agrees