Wanna see my brain?

Not your typical pickup line...

I posted a couple of my MRI pics and am curious for some feedback on them. Which, I know is silly because I know you're not NS (or maybe some of you are). But to me, it looks so minimal that I don't think I even have Chiari.

I also think it's one of the most beautiful brains I've ever seen. I've never been so proud..


I think the focus should be on your symptoms instead of the length of your herniation. There is a post that discusses how a NS decides if he should operate or watch a patient. It was posted today by Abbey. The title is "Chiari Diagnoses and Treatment." It is a great article.....and you do have a very nice brain and a cutie for a son !!!!

Tracy Z.

I will have to look for that discussion. And thank you, I think my son is a handsome little dude too!

I think I may be in denial. Which is odd. I feel like total crap. I've wanted an answer for so long, so what's my problem?