Upset,scared,and told to hold off from having children

Hi everyone,i dont know what to do or how to just numb and it feels like a doctor hasnt really explained anything.what does 9mm mean?

9 mm is how far your brain has hemorrhaged into your spinal canal. I know its hard to put life on hold, just take things one step at a time. Surprisingly time will go quickly just try to stay positive, do research, get informed. Fourms are great but you should also look at medical research journals and facts about chiari malformation. Everyones story is different and yours will be unique too, it benefited me to learn about what was happening in my body. find people who can become your support team. good luck.

If you feel you need to talk or vent come in and talk. But like NSA 19said do your own research and it’ll be less scary.

I been having symptoms since I was young. I had 5 children thus far and nothing has happened to me other than fainting everywhere I went. Do some research for everyone is different and don’t let them scare you. I just got diagnosed 2 months ago after many doctors telling me nothing’s wrong. I have a blockage of my CSF flow and herniation of 8mm. I will have surgery soon. So don’t let it disappoint you about having children you should be able to get pregnant after you know if you need surgery or if they are going to hold and wait to see if it gets worse. Sometimes it has no symptoms and it just stays the same size then all they do is just watch to see if there are any changes. Good luck to you and I wish you the best.

Thankyou.yes ive done alot of research and most things im reading are completly different to what my consultant has told me which is odd.x

Thankyou for your messege.i think now i know what it is its like my symptoms are getting worse i think im just imagening it now.can i ask do you get a clicking noise at the back of your head when you walk?.

I get a clicking noise when I turn my head. Sorry for the late response.

Hi. I too get that click when i turn my head. I think its my neck. I have an appt next week so i will see then.