Tough dicission ahead

Hello my fellow Chiarians. I hope everyone is having a pain-free day (or night, since it is after 1:30 am and I am still awake thanks to my ever present friend, Insomnia)! I saw my surgeon on Monday for post-op of the lumbar shunt tie off as well as an MRI. He said the fluid flow has decreased, not totally stopped, but is very minimal at the back of the brain area. If I was asmptomatic, he thinks I would be ok for now. But because I continue to have many symptoms, some pretty bad, there is cause for concern. So, he sent me on my way and said take a couple weeks and decide if I wanted to redo the decompression surgery. When I had the first surgery, the dura was not removed and replaced, so this time it would be done. It has only been since September since my first surgery and I have had a total of 3 surgeries all together since then. Brain surgery isn’t something to take lightly and I have not forgotten what it was like. I would give anything to have these daily headaches go away. I just want to make the right decission…blah! Ok, enough ranting, but it felt better writing it down!

Hi fellow chiarian/ insomniacs, that is a lot think about especially with daily headaches and are surgeries since December, my thoughts & prayers are with you. I have not had my surgery yet, scared.

My surgeon also didn't touch the dura. He felt for my situation it was better not to, and so far he has been right. It is just so hard, because there is no one right way for everyone. It isn't like a simple procedure that everyone has the same. Good luck with everything!!!


Good luck with have already been through so much!!

I had my surgery done in 08 and my niece just had her decompression done 2 mths ago...we both had our duras' open and a synthetic patch put in its place...neither of us have had any issues with the patch..Thank God.

Keep us update.



Thank you everyone. I have decided that I should write a pros and cons list before I make my dicission. Plus I have a son who I need to talk it over with. I know, in the long run, I will make the right choice, it just doesn’t seem easy at this stage of time.