Throat Tonsil Removal/Tonsillectomy


I was wondering if anyone has had their throat tonsils removed/ a tonsillectomy (not the brain tonsils but the inner throat ones).

I often get tonsil stones (food trapped in my tonsils) and my tonsils get swollen about once a month (usually according to my cycle) so I’m wondering if I had my tonsils removed if that could possibly relieve some pressure in that area, since the brain stem and brain tonsils are pretty close/adjacent (I think). I wonder if the fact that I have Chiari (the brain pushing down) if that effects the amount of room I have in my throat and it causes my tonsils to be pushed more forward. Has anyone dealt with this? Asked these questions? Dealt with this?

Thank you

I have Chiari and I feel often like it’s hard to swallow at times. It comes and goes. Sometimes I feel like I have something stuck in my throat. Other times it feels like my food or liquids won’t go down. I never had a Tonsillectomy but I had the decompression surgery.