Syrinx shrunk without surgery

I was diagnosed with Chiari last summer. Large herniation and two syrinx. Symptoms were minimal so we waited six months for another MRI but with expectation of doing decomp surgery this summer. The symptoms are still minimal (occasional headaches and temporary numbing of limbs). However, both of my syrinx are smaller! He had NO medical explanation. He was very pro surgery last summer and now no need for surgery and to come back in one year for another MRI. A year! They are not gone, just a little smaller. Anyone else have a syrinx shrink without surgery? Thought i was confused before but now...

Thanks for that. I searched all over the internet and found only shrinking ones after surgery.

I expected he'd want me back in 6 months but suggested a year. I'll probably go in between that just b/c i'm paranoid.

Had my year follow-up yesterday. The cerebellum had not shrunk at all (not sure that's even possible) BUT once again the two syrinx decreased in size! He still says it's amazing and has no medical explanation. This time he doesn't want me to come back for 2 years :) I have had 3 episodes of nausea and headaches over the last year but no muscle weakness so he is not concerned at this time. Sometimes it pays to be a freak of nature!

Great news ccxcrunr, long may your good health continue .... and wouldn't it be great if the docs made a knowledge/treatment breakthrough as a result of your long term monitoring ..... someone has to be the boundary breaker, why not you? Wishing you all the best.

Thank you. While I understand this is rare, I do hope others don't expect the worst when they hear the news.