Surgery 8/13/2013 But now symptoms are coming back

Background medical history: Low Thyroid / Sjogrens / Interstitial cystitis / Cervical -spinal canal stenosis on multiple levels / Chairi

I was first diagnosed with Chairi in May 2013 - I saw about 5-6 different drs and none could agree if I needed to get my neck fixed fixed or Chairi first.

I had most all the symptoms with about a 7-8mm but the most distressing was I was having episodes of not being able to breathe. So i was sent to UCLA and they decided I needed to do the surgery asap and wait 6 months to fix my neck. Had the surgery 8-13-1013 seemed to help with the breathing still had issues but not as often. Drs put me on a cpap to help.

9-2014 had the cervical fusion - my arms were going completely numb and it made me feel paralyzed. For about 6 months I felt super great and than my symptoms started coming back. They found out part of my fusion did not take.

I am scheduled for surgery on 1/23 to do a posterior fusion to fix the problem. I’m told this will be very painful.

I have been sick about 3 months now with the flu / bronchitis / sinus infections so I have had to postpone my surgery a few times.

My question is to anyone with similar history - I feel like more of my Chiari symptoms have come back as well and I’m scared to have surgery on my neck only to fond out it was my Chiari again.

For those with similar cases - How many surgeries Chiari/Neck did it take to fix your problem and what order and if you had neck was it anterior or posterior.

Also did anyone get their neck fixed and the same time -

Thanks so much for any feedback - input or advice -starting to freak out and dont want to keep having surgeries - with the last 2 I was super positive but this time I feel a little down that this might become a regular occurence.


Sorry I forgot to mention my Chiari is now measuring 10mm - which kinda freaked me out a little to that it dropped lower after the surgery.