Spinal problems and fingernails

Hi Everyone,please excuse if im going about things the wrong way,im teaching myself to use my tablet.

Im wondering if there are any other Chiari members who have degenerative spinal conditions,including twisted pelvis and muscle spasms.

Ive also have a problem with my fingernails(An ER registrar said it was caused by dysphasia which was from the Chiari)my nails are very thin and are like azor blades,if i scratch myself esp legs and feet it takes the skin off and bleeds.Just over the last few weeks ive noticed 4 of my nails have started lifting off the nail bed,its only my hands ,my toenails seem fine,

Abby said:

Hello Vicki,

Your doing great with the new tablet.

I do not know if the thin nails can be chiari, but with Ehlers Danlos, it is common to have these problems. Also, with back issues, like degenerative disc disease, a lot of us who have EDS, also have DDD. Be careful when you scratch.


Emmaline said:

We tend to have malabsorption issues, and it’s difficult to get all the nutrients we need from our diets. Supplements can help. Anyone with a chronic illness is under stress, and that means we need to up our nutrition.

My nails are really bad too, and still working on what the culprit is. I just had a comprehensive blood test done yesterday to check my vitamin and mineral levels. In the meantime keep your nails shorter so you don’t hurt yourself. If you have EDS, your skin will be more fragile.

Many of us with Chiari have spine issues, it goes hand in hand.

Thanks for the info,I've wondered about the spinal problems being connected .Since the 22nd of March my body has been contorted, my pelvis is always twisted with my left hip being high and my right one almost disappeared ,I also have hyperlordosis which tips me forward but when I have the muscle spasms that contort my upper body it makes my body twist so far round my left breast almost sits on my right thigh.Antispasmodics don't seem to work so its just a matter of put up with it.
I have an old stress fracture in my Lumbar 5 and have degeneration at L2/3,L34,L4/5&L5/S1,my sacro joints on both sides are also worn out,I've had spinal ,facet joint and sacro iiliac blocks,nothing worked.Think its ironic that its now being put in the Chiari box.Has anyone else had an experience like this.