Sorry I've been MIA

Hi all! It's been a while. My surgery was back in August 2011. Very tough recovery. My incision site is still very sore & tender. I have alot of pain in my temples and straight across the forehead since my surgery. Especially when I cough, sneeze, etc. Still having dizziness and some balance issues. My fatigue is intense as well. I never feel refreshed. Still having some short term memory issues. I wish I could report some positive results. I don't regret my decision to have the surgery, but I'm frustrated with my recovery progress. I've been told by my NS and Neurologist that this is all normal. I just think after 4 1/2 mths that I would see some better results. Trying to stay positive and keeping my chin up that all will work out eventually in the end.

Hi Christine,Iam 2 months post op and I to feel frustrated like you.Havent recovered as well as I thought,Ive had chemical meningitis for 7 weeks so I dont know if its down to that or not.still getting the horrible pressure in my head and pressure waves! even when I stand up I get the painful spasm and I dont know why? the NS said it will take months to settle.