Someone please tell me something

Sorry for the confusing title, but looking at the symptom list here and on other web sites. I experience most of them and some are still hard to understand.

I was wanting to know since the official diagnosis is still pending (I see a neurosurgeon on Thursday), what is a good way to cope with the stress. I used to enjoy playing with my kids, two girls ages 3 and 6, but now when they are just being kids, I get freaked out. Such as they are too loud or I just can't keep up with them due to it is hard to stand up or remember the rules of the game they are playing, etc...

Also my wife and kids are very supportive and understanding, but it seems that most of the rest of my family don't understand even if someone tries to explain it to them. They think that I am lazy or good for nothing since I lost my last job due to the undiagnosed Chiari, and unable to still find a permanent job mostly cause I have difficulty working with computer screens or fatigue. How do I explain to them that this is serious?


Michael hello and welcome- please go to this site there is a wealth of information here and hopefully you can print some out and educate your family and propbably even some doctors too.

i also hope you are able to collect from your employer firing you due to medical reasons, hopefully you had the proper paper work for your employer from your doctors if so you can collect let the employer fight it- you will win in the end because they fired you due to medical reasons. OR well you should win anyway.

as for a stress reliever i like biofeedback or guided imagery to be more specific -that was until my insurance said NO more paying so i stopped but my lady was great and she gave me copies of our sessions so i am able to continue them at home as needed But, if you search Guided Imagery online you can d/l for free or even just listen to it online and not have it taking up space on your harddrive.

take care