Signatures needed for petition for Chiari Malformation!

Hey Everybody please take a second to create an account and sign the petition: "REQUIRE ALL PRIMARY CARE PHYSICIANS AND NEUROLOGISTS TO BE EDUACATED ON ARNOLD CHIARI MALFORMATION AND ITS SYMPTOMS." Click the link below:

Thanks!! Awesome!!!

Thank you!! :) I hope this petition really makes a difference!
lori said:

Thanks!! Awesome!!!

Not to be petty, but make sure you are requesting what you want. Most patients on this web site have a Chiari I malformation.

Per the official government NIH web site

The term Arnold-Chiari malformation (named after two pioneering researchers) is specific to Type II malformations.

Common mistake in lay terms, and I applaud the effort, but I think you are asking for Chiari II review/education, when you want Chiari I education.

PLEASE!!! If this is an official document that you want people to take seriously-----correct the spelling of "EDUCATED". I may just be a spelling freak, but it is an ironic word to spell wrong. Sorry to be picky.

Sorry if any of you don't agree of like it but it was copied and pasted from Facebook, I didn't creat it. I did appreciate the person that created it though....spelling aside. At least they are trying to make a difference...I will try and get signatures for them, either way...even if it's for Chiari II Malformation or every other least it's a start.

And you're welcome Mandy...if you have a Facebook, the page that posted this is:!/pages/Chiari-Malformation-Support-Center/213726428669341?fref=ts

Thank you, Abby! :) I appreciate you and everyone that wants to help with this person's petition. :)

Thank you Mandy!! :) Thank you Emmaline!