Saw Dr. Frim today. Loved him!

My daughter saw Dr. David Frim in Chicago today. We loved him. From the minute I called for an appointment six weeks ago our experience has been excellent. The staff has always been great to deal with.

We were taken back to the exam room with 15 minutes of our appointment time. The resident came in within 15 min to start. She spent probably 30 min with my daughter. She went and presented to Dr. Frim and he came in within another 15 min. I loved the way he addressed my daughter. After examining her he sat down unhurried to talk.

He heard every word we said. I was blown away with his assessment of her issues and how he put them together. He thinks she has two different things going on. First he thinks she has a CSF leak. She has had several prior skull base surgeries for a clival tumor and it is possible she has developed a very small leak.

And “of course she has a chiari, not long but with big fat tonsils which are worse.” I had to refrained from kissing him. Lol

So we have a mixed bag of symptoms to sort out here he said. I want to deal with the CSF issue first and see what affect it has on the symptoms I feel are Chiari.
Besides that he wants a swallowing evaluation and sleep study. If either of these studies are abnormal, that is an absolute indication she will need the decompression surgery.

It is a possibility if there is a CSF leak, just taking care of that could bring the chiari symptoms down to tolerable and she would not to do the decompression surgery unless the swallow or sleep study are abnormal.

Many prayers were answered today for us. Thank you to everyone for all of your support.

CONGRATS!!! Good luck to you and your daughter, keep us posted.