Questions about EDS

I have to say I am soo thankful for you all, your knowledge and willingness to share your experiences. It really helps me to know that I am not alone in this journey and that some of my bizarre symptoms are not that bizarre after all and that it is not "all in my head", but yet it is, or it was, lol.

Any way I have been trying to figure out EDS a little and am wondering is it something you have for a long time or can it become acquired? What are the key symptoms? When you have it, is it an obvious diagnosis or does it require extensive testing to figure it out? The pieces of this puzzle in my mind are linking together with changes that are happening to my body that some what make sense to me, but my local doctors, not Chiari experts, are not catching on to it. Like so many other condition, I have some similarities and am wondering if I may have a slight bit of it, if that makes sense. Any info would be much appreciated.