Properly Addressing Chronic Illness

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NY Times Properly Addresses Chronic Illness

This article is by azurelle, a moderator whose home community is Living With Facial Pain. She lives in the United States with a flock of three rescued parrots. When she’s not working on Ben’s Friends, she can be found writing short fiction or avoiding regular house work by doing miniature house work in her dollhouse.

An alert community member from our Psoriatic Arthritis group posted a recent article from the New York Times about living with chronic illness. The article opens with the statement “… I got sick and I never got better.”

That phrase is very telling and it’s very true. As a moderator I read through all our different communities and the statement “I never got better” or the question “when will I get better?” is common. It doesn’t matter what the details of the issue are, the nature of being chronic creates a commonality that crosses all ages, races, orientations, and disease states. In fact, it’s the common denominator that links us together.

The author makes universal points about chronic disease. These are listed below, and below the list is a link to the full article.

  • The mental part is as hard as the physical part.
  • Your relationships change.
  • Everyone offers you advice.
  • You have to educate yourself – and everyone else.
  • Support is everything.
    Check out the link below and after you’re read the article, why don’t you pick one of the five points and start a new conversation in your home community about it? After all, you live with a chronic issue, I’m very sure you have valid experiences and important information to share.

Five Things I Wish I’d Known Before My Chronic Illness

Finding out you have a chronic illness — one that will, by definition, never go away — changes things, both for you and those you love.

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