Physical therapy for neck pain and balance

Has anyone had pt for neck pain and balance and start having nausea ?

Hi Lisa, have you looked at the article Dizziness and Chiari? Seems to me that alot of these issues may be part and parcel of the vestibular system and possibly not resolve unless/until that has been retrained. You might like to show this article to your PT. Hope you're feeling better soon.

Thanks. I will show this to my therapist. Right now she has me doing theses pt’s where I stand and move my eyes from one letter on a wall to another really fast, then I walk fast and move my head from side to side. I just started feeling sick after the pt.

Hi Lisa,

I know it's been awhile since you posted, but i find that Tai Chi really helps.

Good Luck to you.

What is Tai Chi?

Hi Lisa,

Tai Chi is actually an ancient martial art form. However, it is very slow in movement and focuses on balance, coordination, tone and muscle control.

I couldn't do yoga, because poses involving laying/bending from a floor position were painful. With the Tai Chi you are on your feet at all times. It has really helped by balance/tone/muscle control.

A lot of YMCA's have classes in it. You'll want the beginners, (12-18 positions). Not the advanced. While capable of doing the movements, it does strain the muscles more.

I actually started with a beginners lesson of 6 positions, in 3 lesson sessions, that I got on DVD from Barnes and Nobles.

I don't know what physical shape you are in, but just as helpful background to show you can do this: I'm 52, diagnosed CM Type 2 in 1999, plus I have a meninginoma brain tumor in right frontal lobe. Collapsed vertebra at C3, T5 and L7. Can't turn my head to the left, and have a history of syncope and seizures related to the Chiari. I do a lot of other things, but this has truly helped me beyond my expectations.

Good luck to you.


Lisa Edwards said:

What is Tai Chi?
Tai Chi is an ancient martial arts form. BUT don't let that scare you. Like Yoga there are various forms. But you don't get on the floor and bend yourself into a pretzel. Tai Chi focuses on balance/coordination/tone/strenghning/flexibility exercise. It's very slow moving and fluid and honestly has been more help than anything else.
You can usually find classes at a YMCA or locally. start with a beginners.
A little background on me (and why I went this route) I'm 52, CM Type 2, diagnosed in 1999. Meniganoma tumor in right frontal lobe, and collapsed discs at C3, T5 and L7. (Former athlete, so knees and ankles are shot) I've never had the surgery and won't. Seen 2 Neurosurgeons, etc.. 7 mm protusion.
I've tried various exercises and Yoga. Nothing helped, some hurt. Since 2005 I switched to a holistic approach and have been pain free since. This includes the Tai Chi, a varied diet lots of fiber, little meat, a resting schedule, comfortable shoes, bed, clothing. Been pain free for years now. I'm careful, but live my life pretty normally.
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I was also very Athletic, so I know all about the knees and ankles lol I am definitely going to look into this. Thank you !