Opinions needed!

As some of you know, my daughter’s NL stated that she did not recommend surgery, because
she doesn’t believe that her symptoms are directly related to her Chiari.
We have an appointment soon with a NS because I need another opinion.
She is a senior this year and she’s having a really hard time. She has daily migraines,
Nausea, depression, anxiety, extreme fatigue, panic attacks, dizziness and trouble processing information.
It breaks my heart when I receive texts during the day telling me “mom I feel stupid” or “I feel like I have
some type of autism”… all because she just cant retain the information. Especially math. I’m really
scared that she may not graduate. Her migraines interfere a lot because she wakes up with them. She’s
taking ADD meds that aren’t working and make her feel really bad. My main concern is, does she have to suffer
like this because her NL doesn’t believe that her symptoms attributed to her chiari? I’m shocked. Does
anyone else experience memory loss, ADD/ADHD or processing problems? It kills me to not be able to help her. That NS appt can’t come soon enough.
I’m sick and tired of fighting with the school because they know absolutely nothing about chiari.