NS appt tomorrow!

I have the long awaited NS appointment tomorrow. I have a list of questions, but just wanted input on things that I may not be thinking of. This is the initial appointment so, I have a lot to ask. The question list is great but I am not sure what they will even say about surgery. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Have a great day everyone :)


Thanks Abby!!!

I was wondering the same thing. My daughter doesn’t have her appt until the 1st of November but I don’t want to leave anything out. I’d definitely write a list of your symptoms. When they started, how often, how long they last. Also, if you’ve kept a Chiari journal, that’s like gold to a NS. It’s never too late to start one. Ask what criteria does your chiari have to meet in order to be considered for surgery. It’s better to be prepared so you don’t leave anything out. Hope that helps. We’re pretty much in the same boat.

Be sure and take any MRI CDS. Also, take the results of any blood tests you have had already. This is keep the NS from running tests that may have already been done.