My son was Recently Diagnosed with Chiari 1 6mm

My son is 16, he was recently diagnosed with Chiari 1 malformation 6mm a little over 2 weeks ago. A little background summary. He has played contact football for many years. I’m not sure if this is how he might have developed it. He has had a couple of concussions and last year broke his nose and still needs surgery for a deviated septum. ENT surgeon wants to wait until he was done with contact sports. He has had on and off headaches over a year, but the last couple of months they have increased to almost daily with some light sensitivity, pressure in head and as he describes it a feeling of air seeping out of brain. ‘He thought he had a tumor’ He seen a covering provider and she was concerned of his headaches so she ordered the MRI, and that is how we found out he had Chiari 1. He was reffered to Neurosurgeon MD Sean McNatt Roseville Kaiser Permanente. I have tried to do some research on him, and have not found any reviews. I was wondering if anyone has a good referral for a Neurosurgeon in Northern California? We live in Vacaville Ca. I would like to set up a appointment for a 2nd opinion. I do have Kaiser Permanente insurance, I assume they won’t cover any outside services.
I’m very concerned and have been overwhelmed with researching information on the internet, it’s pretty scary territory.
I thank you all in advance!
This site is very informational
Juls Mom

Hello Juls Mom, have you checked out our Doctors List?

One of our medical professional members here has also provided this information about pediatric neurosurgery:

"In pediatric neurosurgery, there is a separate board of pediatric neurosurgery(guarantees they did a fellowship, have a practice that is at least 75% pediatric, and meet at least minimal requirements). The listing of diplomates from the American Board of Pediatric Neurosurgery may be found at"

We also have a group for Californian's so you may like to join and browse the discussions there ... just search from the Groups tab. Hope this helps you in your search. Kindest, Jules