My son was just dx today and i have questions

the reason for an mri was because my 6 yr old, hunter, began to stutter and complained that he couldn't remember his words. mri came back as chiari and neuro says it was from birth. he's been falling a lot as well. we're going to neurosurgeon as soon as we get an appt.

has anyone else had any speech problems ? behavior issues with chiari?

this is a story of my life, sometimes i slur my words and cant seem to recall alot of things, its frastrating,

behaviour is a big part of it also, i snap at a drop of a hat, i dont dont know where its come from, also your boy might be tired and sore, which might make it hard for him,

be patient, its not his fault, its chairi's.

what other issues does he have?

its horrible to see your child go thougth it, but you are strong, and you relieved that something was found.



I have speech issues. I definitely slur and trip over my words. Not all the time but there are some days I just can't stop it. It does get frustrating. I have OCD tendencies but I don't know if they are chiari related or not. As Joelene said about snapping at the drop of a hat...yeah I do that too. Though my depression medicine has helped me on that.

Does he experience any other symptoms like head/neck pain, numbness & tingling?


I do not have speech problems per se. I do have trouble finding the right words most of the time. I often substitute the wrong word and laugh it off. It really is frustrating though. I also have memory problems and get stressed if I am presented with things that are complicated. My son also had severe behavior problems, adhd, ocd, mood disorder. He is now 24 years old and doing fairly well. He graduated high school and is working two jobs right now and living on his own. I do not know if he has Chiari or not. No doctor will order an MRI if he doesn't have symptoms. He also would probably not agree to have an MRI done anyway.


I have a tendency to be very clumsy too and I often have trouble finding the right words. It is frustrating for me and I’m old enough to understand, I can only imagine how frustrated your son must get. Poor little guy, prayers going up for you both. Hugs, Melissa

thank you all! When he was 2 yrs old and younger he would bang his head at night. He would also cry a lot. Hunter didn't speak full sentences untl he was 3. We're beginning to wonder is his "banging" were headaches? He does fall down a lot and it's beginning to get worse. At the moment, he's in karate and we have to stop it until we see neurosurgeon and im not sure why? I'm assuming it's due to an injury to his brain. He had a skull fracture at 11 months old (in day care setting). I'm reliving all that over thinking how much more severe it could've been knowing about his chiari, now.

Also, hunter has occupational thereapy for his fine motor skills. I'm assuming it's part of Chiari?

i'm so glad i have you all!!

Hi....So sorry that Hunter has to go thru this..and as a mom, myself, I can only imagine the pain and stress you are I am happy you found this site...We are all here for each other.

I find the head banging very interesting...I was told yrs ago that when a child bangs his/her head that is an indicator that the child has a severe H/A..since the child cannot verbally express the pain...this is what they do.

Now I am 49 yrs old....a lot older than your Hunter!!! But I had issues with wordfinding b4 has gotten much better, though at times I struggle to find the right word and end up saying the wrong word...fully knowing it is wrong.but it comes out anyway!!! I had/have balance issues....frequent falls...b4 surgery I had fine motor skill problems with both hand and arms were very weak.

When is your appt????? Please keep us updated...WE ARE HERE FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!



yes i cant stress enough that we are all here for you.

please keep us posted, or if you just want to talk


So sorry about your son; I'm a mother too and it's hard to deal with when they are suffering. I don't really have speech problems, but like Carla have problems with saying the wrong word sometime. I will think plate and say pot, for example. When my husband corrects me, I just say "it's a brain thing". I was always considered a nervous child because I always had to be moving; my mom spanked me a lot; I think it was what they did back then, so don't know if I had behaviour problems or not. I've done a lot of falling my whole life, but I wasn't diagnosed with Chiari until I was a great grandmother, so don't know how much was chiari related. I think it is wonderful that people are being diagnosed much younger now and can hopefully be spared a lifetime of problems like some of us older folks have had. You are in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this difficult time.

Hugs and Blessings