MRI - Standing/Sitting vs. Laying Down

Hey everyone! I know I haven’t been around much, but I’ve continued to find random bits and peices about Chiari while researching other chronic pain issues. While reading something the other day, I found something interesting about the differences between having an MRI laying down and standing or sitting. The brain tends to shift (obviously) depending on positions. So it got me wondering, could someone have a Chiari malformation that was severe enough when vertical that it would be symptomatic, but NOT appear as severe on a horizontal MRI? Has anyone had a vertical MRI or even better, both for comparison?

Hi Katie! Nice name, btw :o) This article suggests that anyone with chiari and connective tissues disorders would benefit from a sitting/standing MRI for exactly that reason. The issue of course being that many people don't know they have connective tissue issues before being diagnosed with Chiari. I know 100% that I have an inherited connective tissue disorder called Marfan's which is very similar to EDS mentioned in this article and my Chiari was noted on a routine MRI, so I would be very interested to see what difference a sitting/standing would show. I know my symptoms are always about a gazillion times worse sitting/standing, so I'm guessing there's really something to it!
I don't know what your story is, but I've dealt with chronic pain for some time now and the running hypothesis is that it is a mix between my connective tissue problems and chiari combining to cause problems in a fibromyalgic type way. I'm more than happy to share more if you'd like :o) I've done qutie a lot of research into fibro and chronic myofascial pain, and i'm more than happy to talk with you about that if its something you (or anyone else are interested in).