Moving through

Hi Charlene (@Charlee),

Welcome to your new community! It sounds like you have been pursuing your symptoms for many years now, I hope we can help shed light on some ways that our members cope with those symptoms. It seems like you are starting to look into whether a CM could be the route cause, of course, we are not doctors or medical professionals, so we can not diagnose you or confirm whether it is might be the route cause. Remember that everyones body is different and reacts to the same issue differently. What we can give you is an awesome community with people who might suffer through similair symptoms! Please feel free to introduce yourself by clicking the “New Topic” button and writing your story!

Charlene is looking at a move in the near future, does anyone have any tips for dealing with your condition while in such a tranistion?


Thanks, I look forward to the dialogue. I have already found useful information! Maybe I didn’t put it in the right place, but I did do something of an intro here: