Migraines and Chiari Headaches

What are some of your ways of treating Migraines and Headaches that we Chiarian’s get so much?

Some of mine are Rice Bag, (cold), Advil, SLEEP

I do a lot of ice, eye mask, ear plugs, hot baths, Advil or tylenol migraine, sleep, no stress (haha) with a 12 year old and 8 year old (; no reading. Those are some thoughts.

Medication, Heat,Ice, meditation, resting in quiet darkness, massage and hunkering down & waiting them out....I also had my two Major and Minor Occipitial Nerves blocked. It makes my head not feel like a cracked egg, but I am not sure it helped the headaches. Prayer, relaxation exercises...kinda like Biofeedback. Clinical Hypnosis from a Psychologist at a Rehab Ctr. You name it & I have tried it.

Sunglasses are very important also. The sun makes mine worse. Sleep if you can!!! I have a doosie right now !!!

Great Post Abbey !!!

Heated flax seed neck pack, Zomig, sleep, I also use hand held massage tools and various types of balls to put pressure on certain painful area. Counter pressure feels good on my tight muscles that get flaired up when I get a headache. The muscles of my arm, my arm pit, shoulder and neck all seem to get sore as a precursor of my headaches. I also use a massage oil with arnica on tight sore muscles. Sunglasses are a must when I go outside or am in a building with bright lights.

To begin with I can try to differentiate between 2 headaches, classic Chiari headache (that comes from back of the head, and feels like intense pressure all over during strongest attacks) and migraines which is mostly one side of the head (during intense attack it is all head as well but I can say difference from Chiari headache). Of course often they come together or interchange quite rapidly. It is easy for me to say one from another because I suffered from Chiari headache for 13 years before migraines started coming around (about a year ago). I did not do anything much for Chiari headaches except for healthy life style and 8 -hour sleep (when possible), some back stretches during headaches that helped BUT I can NOT recommend because it is very individual and had to be done only if your case and Dr allows. Now, that Migraines are here, and they are supposed to be highly treatable issue I see neurologists (saw couple already) to find some treatment that works. Sumatriptan always works to STOP migraine attack. Interestingly it has no effect on monstrous back of the head Chiari headache, NONE. So, that headache is not migraine after all, and I am not making Chiari symptom up, Dear Dr. Sometimes, when migraine attach is quashed by Sumatriptan in about half an hour I get Chiari headache. Only 30 minutes of pain free. Preventive migraine treatment that normally does wonders with people without Chiari -Topiramate is failure with me so far. Huge migraine attack weekly. Plus Side effect of topiramate weight loss. With constant nausea I already lost 10 lbs last year I might never have back and now topiramate:). My Dr laughs. He says, you are going to disappear. Yeah, funny. Anybody else with daily migraines?