Mid-30s, is this supposed to be a normal neck?

I recently had a fairly terrible appointment at my current clinic, but 2 radiologists agreed on Chiari 1, a tiny syrinx, and a duplication cyst. I've sent all my stuff to a different clinic and am just hoping for review and a referral to a better specialist in that system. I'm honestly more worried about my cervical stability. Nothing on the MRI report (thoracic MRI) noted my cervical spine, but did mention that my thoracic spine has normal kyphosis. Maybe more details would have been explained on a "cervical MRI"?

Before I even had the CD of my MRI images, I dared ask the terrible one question, and that was if there was a way to check cervical stability (I feel like holding my head up is an awkward project...and I'm drained by living in my body and primarily upper back pain, spasms, and pressure). Anyway, he said, "I don't know...check with rheumatology." Jerkface. Then I got these images. My neck isn't even curved in the right direction anymore and I'm not very happy about what's going on around some of those upper discs. A few questions, though I know I'm not hoping for medical advice here...

Could the situation around C3-7 be referring pain to my upper back (those muscles are also weak, in spite of PT and my work...my work as a musician really depends on my upper body strength and motor abilities)?

Is this normal for 30-something? I understand my discs and curves won't stay perfect forever. Thoracic spine looked pretty good. This looks a little terrible...like it can't keep curving in the wrong direction.

Does this look like possible EDS cervical issue, Chiari, or some other cranio-cervical instability? All I know is the wrong curve of the neck (kyphosis in this case) is a sign of instability. I'm angry nobody has put this together but I also am trying to patient as I hope to locate the right doctor (I have some other hypermobility or joint instability symptoms in other places, but not a huge and obvious list)

I sent the clinic I want to switch to all my info and asked about cervical stability...requesting a Chiari specialist and/or upper cervical review. My posture isn't terrible, but my neck isn't keeping up with the weight of my head. Will a Chiari specialist know how to check for EDS or do I also need to ask to meet with a rheumatologist?

Do the discs look okay? This was a laying down MRI. All of my pain happens from being upright, worse when still (vs walking).

I'm not sure but I can't help but wonder if the unmentioned neck situation is a bigger issue and more related to my pain. My doc said my Chiari (approx. 5mm but also not terribly squished) should not account for my pain, neither should a small duplication cyst (also congenital).

I wish some doctor would take this all more seriously because I'm a musician, have already quit playing professionally...if I can't teach I'll end up on disability, but I really need to be able to work for about 30 more years!!. It feels like they are okay to put you on meds and ignore the pain until there is some disaster, like you can't breathe or swallow, then surgery. I'd love a thoughtful doctor to just let me know if there are things I can do NOW to prevent surgery, whether different PT, traction, whatever.

Any thoughts appreciated...non-medical opinions on what this might look like, questions I should ask the neurologist I see this week (useless?) or different neurosurgery specialists I hope to see soon.

Depends on which traps. My upper traps are strong and a little over-worked. My middle traps and rhomboids are weak and physical therapy helped very minimally (for a couple years). But I still work on strength and stability stuff....hard to sense the "connection" to middle traps, so working with a different instructor, but not totally sure what the goals are anymore. Hopefully neurologist can at least do some sort of new eval on strength and motor function. Thanks Nykki

Rebecca, yes, as I've tried to add in more of my hypermobility concerns and questions, I realize the neurologist might not be helpful. Since I don't need brain surgery at the moment, this is just where they sent me. No Chairi specialist whatsoever....waitng to hear from bigger clinic if one of their Chiari people can take my case. I will probably schedule with rheumatology at that clinic too. I've always wondered about the freaky protrusion on my sternum. I really have lots of marfanoid symptoms. And with a neck curving the wrong direction by age 40, I have no way of knowing how terrible those ligaments are. Mild Chiari, but I suspect some fluid issues and nerve issues as well. I need someone who understands both. It really feels like I've been dropped into some medical gap where my current clinic would be happy to give me pain meds until I'm a fully disabled 45-50 year old. Not okay with me. I'd wear a brace, try anything, if this could all get assessed in the right direction.

Nykki, kyphosis of thoracic spine is normal...normal curve (I don't know the angle). Discs look super. Kyphosis is not the natural curve of the neck. So while it was a thoracic MRI that got a little neck and brain shot, I wonder if my upper back pain is referred from the issues around C4-6, and worse what happens when I have to stand up or sit (when it hurts)

I can make an appointment in rheumatology on my own, I think...not sure how soon I could get in. But I'll see what the neurology appointment is like, though I'm pretty sure I'll be adding rheumatology to my appointment list after that. If neurologist can check weakness in my back muscles I hope she can connect that to my neck...or something....I use my arms all day. I should be a beef cake. But it's like the nerve communication isn't there and I'm running on motor memory and steam...and spasms.

Neurologist said my neck doesn't have normal curve but does not look degenerated. She did lots of strength and nerve testing and observing for over an hour. Doesn't think Chiari (or borderline...5mm but not cramped looking) is causing my symptoms but does suspect EDS, so had me set up appointments with geneticist and rheumatologist. Feels hopeful.