Medicine Question

Hi Everyone!

I took my daughter to the NS today. He wants to put her on a water pill for 3 days,off 3 days, back on for 3 days and off again. He wants to make sure her symptoms are Chiari related because she has had a recent medicine change. He said if the symptoms go away while she is on the water pills than she would definitely benefit from a decompression surgery. Has anyone else tried this?

Hi....yes, I have heard of this being tried on patients...I ,like Abby am not sure it is used ti determine surgery....I am not a doctor and things may have changed since I had my surgery over 3 yrs ago...

I can see where it may be possible to hold off on surgery if the med helps...if her symptoms are mainly headaches.

Let us know how she does on the med...which med is it?? Diamox???



Yes, Lori it was Diamox but she had a lot of side effects from it.
Her Chiari symptoms got really bad for about 6 hours and then she had other side effects. So, we had to stop the Diamox. The day after she is very, very nausous but all of her previous Chiari symptoms are gone for the time being. They want to try her on Topamox but need to make sure that it won’t interfere with the other meds she is on. The Topamax with drain some of the fluid but not as much as the Diamox. I spoke with the NS’s Nurse Practitioner today and asked her what she thought about surgery and she said she thought that with the way she responded to the medicine that she would need surgery.